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    Jesse Jenifer has been an freelance website specialist since 1996. He graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 2003, with dual degrees is Computer Science and Economics. After college he gladly returned back to his home town of Woodsotck NY to surround himself with diversity and culture. In 2004, he joined Oxclove Workshop and quickly moved up the ladder to Lead Web Site Producer and Production Manager. While maintaining a full time job, Jesse maintained his freelance clientel, which grew steadily. In August of 2007, Jesse finally branched out on his own to pursue his freelance career.

    Jesse's mission is to deliver high-end, cost-effective, reliable and innovative professional services to clients using state-of-the-art development tools. The right technology is more important than the latest technology, and understanding the difference is what makes Jesse Jenifer the perfect fit for you and your growing business. He works by the golden rule and his primary focus is you and your businesses needs.

    Whether you need a simple personal page or an elaborate eCommerce business website, Jesse is well equipped to handle any size project. What separates Jesse from other web development firms his is natural ability to deliver personal attention to every project while staying within budget. Please feel free to explore the professional services that he offers: interactive flash mediaweb site designusability consultingonline & mobile applicationsadvanced AJAX & JQuery,  Blogs & Social NetworkingSearch Engine MarketingContent Management Systems and eCommerce

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    Jesse's Mission is to deliver high-end, cost-effective, reliable and innovative professional services to his clients using state-of-the-art development tools. He works by the golden rule and his primary focus is you and your businesses needs.  The right technology is more important than the latest technology, and understanding the difference is what makes Jesse the right vendor for you.

    Whether you need a simple personal page or an elaborate eCommerce, business website, he is well equipped to handle any size project. Please feel free to explore the professional services he offers:

    - website design including advanced AJAX & JQuery
    - interactive animation
    - online & mobile applications
    - content management systems (CMS)
    - blogs & social networks
    - search engine marketing
    - usability consulting


    website design

    Let’s face it; people do judge books by their covers. The same goes for websites. A majority of websites, which suffer from "click away syndrome", are not attractive or have boring and confusing layouts. One of Jesse's top priorities is to design websites that instantly grab the viewer’s attention. He specialize in producing some of the world’s most visually pleasing WebPages. Not only are his creations attractive, they are also very efficient and effective. He produces pages that leave impressions on every viewer, ensuring that they will return to your site day after day.

    Jesse has over fifteen years of education and hands on experience. He specialize in the industries leading languages and technologies such as HTML5, CSS 2.0, XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX, PHP 5, mySQL and more in order to provide his clients with award winning websites.

    VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO | | GET STARTED: website design


    online/mobile apps

    Apps are pieces of software specific one task, that run on the Internet, computer, TV, smart phone or any other compatible electronic device. The two more popular mobile platforms that we develop for are Android an iPhone/iPad. We also develope Facebook Apps and desktop Apps.

    If you are looking for an App to track sales, show off your featured projects, disseminate information, broadcast videos or simply entertain visitors, what ever it is, Jese can prototype and build it for you. Apps are the newest way of reaching and acquiring new clients.

    We are experienced in both stand alone mobile apps and server based apps. Server based apps extend the functionality of your current corporate system or website mobile devices.



    content management systems (aka "CMS")

    Content Management Systems are a great way add, edit and control your sites content without needing to know html or having to hire a web engineer to make the text changes. CMSs are frequently used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching, and publishing documentation. In a CMS, data can be defined as nearly anything: documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data, and so forth.

    Jesse Jenifer specializes in creating custom CMSs that are as easy to use as sending an email. He can also customize open source off the shelf products such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, SilverStripe, Frog CMS and many more.



    blogs & social networks

    Statistics show that people are starting to spend more time on social networks and blogs more then they do on their email accounts and traditional websites.

    In order to adapt to the evolving media, it's important you too are on these social sites. To acquire new customers and to communicate with existing clients, you must be in the same arena as them.

    Jesse Jenifer can tailor a custom Social Network strategy for you company. We can help you set up a blog, establish professional profile pages, impliment a Facebook App and integrate your existing site with a multitude of online networks (i.e. FB Connect).

    Content is King! By having a blog, not only are you able to have a two way conversation with your online visitors, you are also increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engines. Jesse specializes in customizing off the shelf blogs such as; Blogger, Wordpress, Blogspot, typepad, tubmlr and many more.

    Propel your company by combining the power of social networks and blogs!

    VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO | | GET STARTED: blogs & social networks


    interactive animations

    As broadband connections, processor speeds and browser capabilites advance the use of rich media has increased. Adobe Flash has become the standard tool for providing such interactive animations.

    Flash is an exteamly powerfull technology that is used for creating sophisticated web-based applications. Jesse Jenifer specializes in harnising Flash's power to provide the following services:

    - Advertising Banners
    - Games
    - Internet Animations
    - Multimedia Online Movies
    - Online Presentations
    - Offline Presentations
    - CD ROMs
    - Screen Savers
    - Software Applications
    - Tutorials &
    - Fully Animated Web Sites

    Advantages of Flash web designing

    Curious to know the main advantages of Flash web designing? When implemented properly, flash has a number of advantages over traditional web designs:

    - Flash can make a web site more attractive, interactive and dynamic, capturing the users attention.
    - Flash can show a plethora of content in a small area, without the need of leaving the page.
    - Flash movies are displayed by the universal Flash Player plug-in, thus all Flash-based work is rendered the same on all browsers and computer platforms.
    - In addition to being embedded within a web page, Flash movies can also be exported to construct stand-alone executable applications, which are ideal for CD-ROMs.
    - Flash movies are compressed when exported and required very little file sizes, thus rapid downloaded speads.
    - Flash movies has the capability to import external information from databases, xml and text documents. This allows for dynamic interactive applications that can be easily updated.
    - Flash can also be used to create innovative advertisements, games, tutorials, forms quizes that collects information and stores the results into a database.

    VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO | | GET STARTED: interactive animations


    search engine marketing

    Hundreds of thousands of new websites are launched everyday. The World Wide Web is growing exponentially and is becoming a very competitive marketplace. Currently 94% of Internet traffic comes from Search Engine results. According to the latest survey; Google now handles 50% of all web searches, Yahoo has 28%, AOL 16%, MSN 15% and others are hold 6%.

    So for an online business to be successful it is essential that it ranks high in the major search engines. Jesse Jenifer will invest the time, effort and expertise to understand your unique business and Internet marketing goals.

    His recommendations are based on the optimum combination of an array of search engine marketing services that are designed to increase your traffic and ROI. We can offer you outstanding, industry-leading results and service that is consistent, personalized and focused.

    VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO | | GET STARTED: search engine marketing



    Are you a small business looking to sell your products and services online? Jesse Jenifer specializes in building custom eComerce sites that put merchants and shoppers requirements first. He also specialize in customizing off the shelf products, such as: ZenCart, Magento, Virtuemart and many more.

    What you get!
    We pull it all together and offer entrepreneurs affordable custom ecommerce solutions.

    - Product(s)/Service(s): physical goods delivered by mail or digital goods automatically downloaded
    - Hosting: where your website is stored
    - Website: a custom designed site that markets your products and services
    - Shopping Cart: This is where products are added/removed
    - Merchant Account: business bank account that accepts online payments
    - Payment Gateway: processes and sends payments to the merchant account
    - SSL: secure socket layer is a layer of protection that prevents fraud and ensures privacy



    usability consulting

    Is your site hard to navigate? Do users get lost and leave due to frustration? Jesse Jenifer can review your site and provide your business with an actionable plan to improve your site's usability.

    Information Architecture (IA)
    IA is the discovery and planning phase of a usability consulting project. Through a series of stakeholder interviews and questionnaires, the following documents are created:

    These documents outline all the pages within the site and the relationships to each other. This document looks similar to a family tree.

    These documents are black & white representations of a website. It ensures all critical links; graphics and functional components are present and easily accessible.

    Comparative analysis:
    this is a thorough review of the top competitors in your industry. We document all the positives and negatives of their sites and compare them to yours. From there we can identify the necessary steps to make your site better then your competitions.

    VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO | | GET STARTED: usability consulting


    Free Consultation

    Jesse look's forward to working with you. Before getting started, please tell a little about your needs. The answers to these questions will help in planning and building the most appropriate website for you. Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification on any of the points below.


                                                                                                                                printer friendly version
                                                                EXECUTIVE PROFILE
    An accomplished website specialist with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the
    website/application development process. A robust knowledge of industry standards and bleeding
    edge technologies. Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring
    individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.
    Analytical thinker that is consistently called upon to resolve unpredicted issues in a fast pace
    environment. Passionate for creative design and efficient user interfaces.
                                                               DEVELOPMENT SKILLS
    Programming Languages: ActionScript, AJAX, CSS,  HTML, JS, JSP, JQuery,  PHP, XML, XHTML
    Software Applications:  Ms Office: Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Word, Access, Visio, Visual Studio
    Adobe CS Studio: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop
    Social/Mobile Apps & Connect:  Android, Facebook, Google, iPhone/iOS, Twitter
    Open Source Platforms: Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Virtuemart, Wordpress,  Xcart, ZenCart
                                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
    Sole ProprietorFreelance
    Greater Creators, LLC1996 - Present
    • Sales, marketing and proposal writing
    • Project planning and management
    • Project production from start to finish
    Production Manager Kingston, NY
    Oxclove Workshop Feb 2004 – Aug 2007
    • Directly responsible for the daily work flow of a development team of five
    • Define and implement production processes, policies, and technologies
    • Oversee all aspects of production, quality assurance and quality control
    • Estimate and administer budgets
    • Coordinate and facilitate cross team projects
    • Hire, motivate, train and retain high quality personnel
    • Customer Service and client relations
    • Advance production
    • Online business consulting
    Position Promotions: Html Producer -> Graphic Designer -> Flash Developer
                                     -> Information  Architect -> Business Consultant -> Production Manager
    Software/Web EngineerBinghamton University, NY
    Harpur Academic Advising OfficeOct 2002 – May 2003
    • Developed accessible web applications for students; using JSP, Dream Weaver MX, and Access.
    • Generated authenticated web sites for faculty use.
    • Programmed interactive Internet-to-Database web applications.
    • Maintained a stable TomCat web server.
    Binghamton University, New York
    2002- Bachelor of Arts:  Economics and Finance
    2003- Bachelor of Science:  Computer Science
               Concentration in Software Engineering
    References and recommendations are available upon request.

    Jesse always welcomes your comments and feedback. If you wish to contact him, please use the form below.

    NOTE: All information will be kept confidential and not be used for any other purposes.